Tips When Choosing A Contractor

Hiring a Contractor can be a really exciting and fun experience. But, it can also be a bad experience as well IF you don’t make sure that the builder in question has what you need. Some of the factors that come into play with house plans and whether you will be happy with the end project are not are going to include things like; the spectrum of the builder’s past work, experience (or lack thereof), as well as communication skills. Below, is a more detailed description of these factors and why they are important when choosing a Contractor to build your home for you or a specific room, as well as a few other factors.

Past Work Experience and Referrals

One of the factors you will want to look into when hiring a Contractor is their past work experience. if a Contractor has done a good job and is proud of the end result, they should have no problem giving you referrals of past work done. Simply ask for referrals when you are consulting a builder or look on the website for examples of past work they have done to get a better idea of the quality craftsmanship they offer. Many of the sites like Porter actually have galleries on their website so you can view past jobs that have been fulfilled, as well as testimonials from past clients.

Work Experience

Not to say that a new Contractor is automatically a bad builder. But, a company with experience in this niche is going to have a better handle on how to build the best house possible, how to get the house plans or blueprints together, and how to in turn give you the best results. This is your house after all! If you aren’t happy, then what’s the point? Look for a company that offers an array of services such as design builds, general construction as well as construction drawings ie; house plans. Also, when a company has experience, they are better suited for those times when things CAN go wrong or when things don’t go as planned. They tend to be the ones with cool heads that can think on their feet in some really stressful situations.


Communication is key when you are doing a big project like this. Make sure that the contractor you use is upfront about any costs and honest about the entire job from start to finish. You, the soon to be owner, should also feel free to ask the builder whatever questions you want and you should feel comfortable with them.  Chances are this is going to be someone you will be spending a lot of time with, so you really want to make sure its; someone you can speak freely with, someone that actually listens to you, someone that can convey what the house plans are and will allow you to see them.  Don’t ever take no or “silence” for an answer.  This is someone you will be paying, not the other way around.  So by all means, ask as many questions as you can before the project starts!


A builder, no matter what they are building, should always be licensed. This is to protect you the owner of the property and soon to be home, from things like accidents and injuries on the job from the builder and their employees. For example, Porter is licensed and certified. This will keep you the owner out of hot water if something were to happen on the job. Certification means that the builder, construction crew or whomever else is working on the job has up to date education and training for the job at hand. Licensing and certification should always be high on your list.

Its very easy to just go on the Internet and pick anyone to work with. But, if you really want to have a good experience, want to be happy with the results, and you want to work with someone you can trust, adding the above-mentioned factors to your checklist in finding a Contractor, is going to find you someone with all the pre-requisites you want.

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