Steps to Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

Congratulations! The kitchen remodel that you have been planning for months on end is finally about to begin! While this is going to be a beneficial, fun and exciting time for you, it can also become a little frustrating and overwhelming too. Chances are you haven’t even thought about the remodel itself – what will happen inside the house; the noise, the strange people in your house at all hours of the day, not being able to use your kitchen, etc. That is exactly why I am writing this article! It can be used as a stand-in for tips because I have been through a kitchen remodel and I learned, the hard way, how this all works! So here are a few quick tips on making your remodel go smoother on your end.

Create A Designated Stand In Kitchen

If you’re lucky enough to have a guest house you can use the kitchen there, but if not you need to create a stand in kitchen. This can be as functional and big as you want, but I would suggest; a counter griddle for cooking food, a microwave, a counter space with your coffee maker, a few cabinets to store stuff in and of course a small sink and faucet. If you’re spending thousands on your kitchen remodel, the last thing you want to do is spend a thousand more on your stand in, especially considering you’ll probably remove it when the kitchen remodel is finished. You can even use a table and then purchase something like a countertop or workbench top made from wood to use as your counter space.  The first thing you want to do is make sure you find a proper place to put it where you have enough room and it won’t get in the way of workers. The second thing is to find a space where you have plumbing available.  If you are having a hard time figuring out how to “build” a stand in kitchen, one thing I would really suggest is to get yourself a kitchen island for now.  This is a good option because an island usually has wheels, so you can move it around, it also has a big counter space – big enough to prep food on, but also put your coffee maker on, and these islands have cabinets.  The only thing they do not have is a sink, but if you have a powder room, or a basin in your garage or basement you can use this for hand washing.  You can also find eco-friendly green sprays to wash your veggies and fruits with or make your own.  These can be used on fruits and vegetables, just spray them and then quickly run them under water.  Easy enough!

Use Disposables

Instead of using dishes and silverware, as well as glassware, use disposables. You won’t have a big enough sink to wash your dishes in and if you can’t go in the kitchen, well, how are you going to wash dishes in the main sink?! You can’t! Use paper plates, paper cups and plastic-ware for now. Not only will this save on clean up time, but it will keep you from getting frustrated that you can’t use your main kitchen, right now.

Use Your Outdoor Area Often

If you plan on doing your kitchen remodel in the warmer months (which you should!) and you have a backyard or even a deck, consider using this area more often than you usually would. Put your grill to work, even invite some friends over so it seems like a fun adventure, not an “I HAVE to do this” situation.” Grills are good for cooking all sorts of things from ribs and chicken to pizza and vegetables. You can also find instruments in order to make cooking these items even easier like a pizza pan for the grill, or a vegetable basket for grilled veggies.

Take A Break

Before you break down after month 3 of 7 in realizing you still can’t use your kitchen, take a break, go on a vacation. Even if its only for a few days, it will get you out of the house for a few days and allow you to rest and relax, destress and think about that big elephant in the room – your kitchen remodel! Just make sure that you give the contractor your information like your phone number so that if they need anything they have a way of contacting you.

Remember The Big Picture

Is a kitchen remodel stressful? Yes. Is it overwhelming? Of course. But, you really need to remember the big picture. These few months of not being able to use your kitchen will lead up to a beautiful kitchen that you could only picture in your wildest dreams. After its all said and done you will realize that this is a kitchen that you will have for years to come; its functional, its beautiful, its exactly the way you pictured it! Its difficult to remember that at the time, but please try to in order to keep your sanity!

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