Stay In Your Kitchen Longer With Comfort Mats

I think one of the biggest complaints that people have when it comes to cooking in the kitchen, is the fact that they always leave with some sort of pain or achiness or discomfort in their feet, knees, legs or back. This can become a huge issue if you love to cook, but you just can’t take the pain! I know for me, I have a pretty comfortable floor in both my kitchens, but if I spend longer than an hour in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, or reorganizing, I used to always leave with achy feet and knees. If you seem to be having the same problem and you aren’t sure how to fix it, why not consider comfort mats? These kitchen comfort mats are revolutionary. They aren’t like regular area rugs – which can add warmth or color to a kitchen. These kitchen comfort mats keep your aches and pains away! There are all sorts of options to consider, but I have 3 requirements. First off, they have to be washable and waterproof. Secondly, they have to fit with the overall design of my kitchen. Lastly, they have to be non-skid. Below, all of these mats have all of these strict requirements! They are also some of the highest rated kitchen comfort mats around.

The Original Kangaroo Mat

This one is 32×20 inches and its nonslip, anti-fatigue, ergonomically designed, non-toxic and waterproof. To top it off, this kitchen comfort mat comes in 6 different colors; black, red gray, brown, blue and pink. These are all ¾ inch thick and has some of the highest grade foam available which will help keep all those aches and pains away. If you need something larger, these also come in 39×20 and 70×24.



Royal Anti-Fatigue

This one is a really popular kitchen comfort mat it has well over 1500 reviews! Its available in 20×39 and 24×72. It also comes in 4 different colors; black, caramel brown, beige, and burgundy. Te mat itself is anti-fatigue which means that it puts 40% less pressure on your knees and feet. Its also anti-slip which means you can put it on wood, ceramic, stone or even laminate floors and it won’t slip. These also have a lifetime warranty. The company that sells these are very easy to work with and as long as you take care of the mat, they will back the product up completely.


New Life Gel Pro

New Life gel pro kitchen comfort mats are super comfortable. This one comes in 20×32 or 20×48 and it comes in caramel, espresso, green, crimson and wheat. Its ¾ inch thick for the ultimate in comfort and it has an ergo foam inside the mat. Its also slip resistant – the bottom has a non-skid surface perfect for any flooring type. The edges of it are beveled which keep you from tripping on it when you walk over or on it and it won’t curl up.


Sky-Mat – Commercial Grade

If you depend on positive reviews when it comes time to deciding on a product, this one is the one for you. Over 3500 positive reviews and it hit 4.8 stars out of 5. Its one of the best kitchen comfort mats you can find. This one comes in 20×32, 20×39 and 24×70. The 24×70 is more of a “runner” so to speak. The great thing about these mats is that they can be used anywhere. You can use them in your kitchen, at your desk, in the garage, etc. This one comes in black, chocolate brown, khaki, royal blue and crimson red. Its 100% anti-fatigue, it has the beveled edges to keep you from tripping on it and its Eco-friendly – its nontoxic in other words. Its also really durable, they have a lifetime warranty on these kitchen comfort mats. Out of all the reviews, most of the people that bought these kitchen comfort mats say that the comfort is outstanding. If comfort is important to you and you like to cook or be in the kitchen prepping foods or whatever else – this is the comfort mat for you.


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