Selling Your House? Here Are 5 Things Homeowners Want To See in Kitchen Cabinets

Not everyone wants to do an update, remodel or a renovation for their own personal needs. Some of you simply want to do these projects because you are trying to sell your home. Well, if that’s the case, you probably want to get the most amount of money you can. Rather than losing out on money, you should know that there are certain design aspects in kitchen cabinets, products, and colors that lure MORE homeowners into purchasing a home. Adding these design features or colors will definitely help you reach maximum property value when it comes to cabinets.

Quality Kitchen Cabinets and Features

You would think that the number of cabinets would be the thing that homeowners look at. But, its not. Instead, they look at the quality of the kitchen cabinet as well as the storage space inside those kitchen cabinets. Make sure that you are using a quality cabinet, that you also are including soft close cabinets and drawers and that you are using quality hinges.



Kitchen Cabinet Symmetry

Its no big surprise that our eyes are naturally drawn to symmetry and repetition. This is why when it comes to the kitchen cabinets in your space you should consider ones that are simple, yet attractive. Elegance is one of those things that is easy to achieve if you know what you are doing! Simplicity is the key word when it comes to kitchen cabinets and trying to draw in the appeal of your potential buyers. Try to keep all the kitchen cabinets the same or about the same size. Drawers, on the other hand, should be expensive and large. You want to try and be as concise and consistent as possible with the cabinets and drawers.



Light, Airy and Bright Spaces

One of the very first lessons you learn about paint is that dark paint tends to make a space look darker, dreary and closed in. Light paint, on the other hand, can open a space up, make it seem lighter, airier and brighter. This also goes with kitchen cabinets – don’t use dark painted cabinets unless its natural wood and its stained that way and it genuinely goes in your space (it also helps if you have a lot of windows in your space, if you are going to choose darker cabinets!). Try to stick with white, cream, even gray cabinet colors. These light colors might not exactly be what you would choose, but overall, they are going to attract as many buyers as possible since these lighter colors are more popular.



Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Speaking of light and airy, another thing that your potential homeowners will want to see when it comes to the cabinets in the kitchen, are lights. There are a bunch of different lighting options, but one of the more popular (and desired) types is under the cabinet lighting. These can be made into different shapes and sizes, but what they do is they light up the counters below the higher cabinets. This is really useful because more and more people are using their kitchens for cooking and entertaining. Not to mention the fact that it brings some ambiance to the space as well.



A Functional Open Layout

You want your kitchen to be expansive. It should be some room that’s as big as the coat closet. It needs to be a place where they can entertain, cook, prep foods, and converse. The kitchen is, after all, the hub of the entire house. So if you’re thinking of skimming down the space, think again. Big is IN! Consider adding a beautiful kitchen island with space to sit, as well as storage space beneath. People want to socialize in their kitchens and guests always seem to congregate in this area, so you need room for people.


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