Kitchen Remodeling: Designing A Gourmet Kitchen

I am in the process of writing a how-to guide on Kitchen Remodeling: Designing A Gourmet Kitchen.  The book will include a lot of different tips and information on how to create a gourmet kitchen; materials to use, trends for 2017, paint and color trends, countertop and flooring materials and more.  Here is a rundown of the Chapters in the book. (draft)

Chapter 1 deals with the best materials used in kitchens.  Not only the best looking or the most stylish options, but the most durable materials too.  Chapter 1 deals with materials in terms of flooring and counters.  You will be able to see the different pros and cons of each material, color options, size options, and of course prices!

Chapter 2 talks about the most commonly used decor styles such as Modern, Traditional, Country, Shabby Chic and Contemporary, as well as the best colors and materials to use in these kitchen types.

Chapter 3 talks about the essential appliances for your gourmet kitchen.  Chances are if you are building a gourmet kitchen you plan on cooking in it a lot so you definitely need certain appliances to accomplish your cooking goals!  You will also find a list of the best vs the worst brands to choose from and a few tips on where to purchase these items.

Chapter 4 deals with 2017 kitchen trends.

Chapter 5 is all about backsplashes!  Why you should have a backsplash, best materials to choose from, different style modifications and more.

Chapter 6 talks about paint for your walls.  What the best “type” of paint is for your kitchen walls, trendy colors to use in the kitchen and how to “try” paints before you buy a few gallons worth.

Chapter 7 talks about kitchen sinks and faucets.  The different materials available to you, different styles or types of sinks and faucets, special features, and more.


The book Kitchen Remodeling: Designing A Gourmet Kitchen should be available in the next few days.  Since the chapters above are drafted, they could change a little bit, but not a lot!  As soon as Kitchen Remodeling: Designing A Gourmet Kitchen is finished I will post a link here where you can purchase it.

If you have any other kitchen remodeling, decor or upgrade topics you would like me to write about, let me know in the comments section.

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Reasons You Need A Kitchen Floor Runner

If you’ve never used a kitchen floor runner you might not realize the unique benefits it offers. A runner for the floor, like one for a table, tends to be a sleek yet long material that “runs” the length of the area you are placing it. In this article, we will be talking about kitchen floor runners and the many benefits that you can receive while having one in your kitchen,

A Kitchen Floor Runner Protects Your Floors

A runner is a great way to keep light to heavy foot traffic, paw prints, dirt, dust and just about any other type of wear and tear at a minimum. Not only can this help your tile floors, but its also quite beneficial for wood floors as well.

A Kitchen Floor Runner Can Help Connect Your Rooms

If you have an open kitchen, or a very long hallway leading to the kitchen from another way, a kitchen floor runner is a great way to connect the rooms. Think of it as a welcoming mat! It creates a focal point for point A to point B and allows for a more natural flow.

They Help Absorb Noise

When picking out flooring for your home, you probably went through dozens of different flooring options and learned about each one. As you know carpet is great at absorbing noise. Not only footfalls but noise in general such as voices, TV noise and even noise in other rooms. If you decided to go with something like tile or wood in your kitchen you probably deal with a lot of noise. A simple kitchen floor runner is a great way to reduce the noise from other parts of the home, but also reduce the amount of noise coming from the kitchen to other parts of the house.

A Kitchen Floor Runner Adds Comfort

If you tend to cook in your kitchen a lot and you have a hard surface underneath such as tile, wood, even vinyl, you probably have learned that too much time on your feet can cause backaches, knee problems, your feet can hurt, etc. Adding a floor runner means that you are adding some comfort underfoot, not to mention adding warmth underfoot as well. You can also add a kitchen floor runner pad for even more comfort!

Adds Some Beautification

Runners are an easy, cost efficient and quick way to add some style or color to your kitchen. They come in all sorts of style options. From solid colors to patterns, to stripes and more. And they in every color under the sun which lets you add some style to your kitchen, without really trying very hard. Another nice thing about this is that runners don’t cost a lot so if you want to switch it out every month or every 6 months, you can do so without breaking the bank.

Here are a few runners, under $100, which would make a perfect choice for your kitchen. Remember to check your measurements properly, not only lengthwise, but also width wise as well.

InterDesign Bamboo Floor Runner, 24-Inch by 72-Inch

This one comes in either Mocha or Natural Bamboo and it comes in 5 different sizes so you can find the right kitchen floor runner for your specific needs. “Add an earthy appearance to any room with a bamboo mat. Bamboo, a highly renewable material makes this an environmentally-friendly product. Bamboo Lattice is coated with a finish for both look and longevity.” This one has over 900 customer reviews @ 4.3 stars out of 5. Its also under $20.

Contemporary Bordered Design Modern Runner Rug with Non-Skid Rubber Backing Runner Rug, 20″ L x 59″ W, Chocolate

This one only comes in what they call chocolate, but it also has accents of “brown” which has an almost brownish gold look to it. This is very contemporary and would, in turn, work best in a contemporary kitchen. The runner comes in 6 different sizes. It has over 650 reviews for a 4.4 out of 5 stars. People say the thing they like the best about this kitchen floor runner is that it is super cheap (under $15) and yet it does what its supposed to do and is very comfortable underfoot.

Gorilla Grip 2×8-Feet Non-Slip Area Rug Pad for Hard Floors

This one is actually NOT a runner, but instead the pad I talked about above. Its a pad, but also keeps your runners from moving around.. I actually have this type of material for my cutting boards. I’m not exactly sure what its made out of but it “grips” to whatever hard surface you put it on, have it be a smooth natural stone counter top, a tile or wood floor. It also comes in over 20 different sizes and shapes so make sure you look at each one and figure out the right one for your kitchen floor runner! This one is also under $15, and yet it has over 3000 reviews and it has 4.4 out of 5 stars. If you need a pad for your rug this is definitely one to consider. By the way, it can also be cut to size.

Mohawk Home New Wave Rainbow Printed Rug, 2’x8′, Multi

This is actually really pretty and I like it! It adds enough color to add some style to your kitchen, but the colors aren’t overwhelming. It comes in 6 different options – the first 4 sizes ARE under $100.”A carnival of color, the stripe pattern of our Rainbow Rug will invigorate your space with lively design and punchy bright hues! A best seller for its brilliant use of bold color, this rug will easily pair with a multitude of room scenes and color motifs to create a look that is truly all your own. A debut from Mohawk Home’s New Wave Collection, the Rainbow Rug is quality constructed with the proven wear-free performance of our premium nylon fibers. With superior standards of durability and stain resistance, this rug is ideal even for use in high-traffic areas of the home and is proudly made in the U.S.A.” This one has over 1000 reviews and 4.6 out of 5 stars – so the best rated one in this list yet! People say that they obviously love the color and the style, but they also like the fact that its soft underfoot and adds some cushion without the need of a pad.



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Graphical Backsplashes To Kick Your White Cabinets Up A Notch!

White cabinets have always been a sound choice for kitchens, they probably always will be. But one issue a lot of homeowners have is that they feel that while white cabinets can add style and elegance it can also leave a bland look behind. If you don’t want to add too much color to your kitchen with things like accent walls or colored appliances, another option to consider are Graphical Backsplashes. The backsplash you choose should go with your white cabinets, but also add style, color and of course patterns are always a good option for this. Below you will see some of the Graphical Backsplashes I picked out for this project.

Hand Painted Talavera Mexican Tiles 4″x4″ Spanish Influence

These are ceramic tiles – not stick ons, and they are 4×4 squares. You get 100 tiles for a pretty good price and they look fantastic with white cabinets. People say that they loved this specific product because they look really good once you have them set up, but also they were a fantastic price and none of the tiles were broken when they got the package. I couldn’t find a specific picture with white cabinets or a kitchen, however, because you can also use these for the backs of the steps and for a table top, I decided to show you a table.

SomerTile FTC8BRCL Bracara Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile, 7.75×7.75-Inches, Black/Grey/White, Pack of 25

Some people are putting this on their floors, but frankly, I think its WAY too busy to put on flooring. Not to mention its PEI 2 which means its only good for walls and LIGHT traffic. This would definitely not be ideal for a kitchen by any means in terms of flooring. But you can definitely use it for your Graphical Backsplashes! This one comes in a pack of 25 tiles. It is ceramic and not a stick on.

Sun Motif Talavera Mexican Tile Collection

These are pretty cool. They all have to do with the sun or the moon. The nice thing about these is that each tile has its own image which means you can put them however you want and don’t have to worry about the seams being attached. These are pretty inexpensive. They come in 4×4 squares and there are 9 to a pack. It ends up being 1 square foot. Each tile is really an individual work of art that will bring lasting beauty and warmth to your home. These are rustic, colonial-style tiles each a little different from others which add to the timeless Old-World charm of these tiles.

100 Mexican Ceramic Tiles Handmade Talavera Tiles

These are also Talavera, but these ones are much different than the ones above. It comes with 100 tiles for under $40 which is actually pretty cost efficient if you think about it. These are handmade so they will vary from box to box but they try to make them all look the same.

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Are Accent Walls Still In?

Ya know how every year they have those forecasts for trends? All the decorators get together and declare what trends are OUT and what trends are IN? Well, people are saying that finally, now, after how many years, that accent walls are out. I say to that “yea, right.” I’m sorry but accent walls are way too beneficial to just be “out” and done with. And by the way, yes trends are important, but you should decorate your home however you want. I know I do! And I love accent walls. Here are a few reasons why I love them and why you should too.

Adding Color To Your Kitchen

This is one of the easiest, quickest and cheapest ways to add some color to your kitchen. Best of all, you can do it yourself. It doesn’t take some high-end designer or decorator to paint a simple wall. Heck, you can even get your friends to come in and help!

Wallet Friendly

It takes very little money to get a can of paint, some brushes, some tape, a paint canvas for the floor and some rollers. If you consider the other items in your kitchen you can add that are colorful like a red oven, an orange fridge or a backsplash, painting an accent wall is by far and wide the cheapest option.

Change It When You Want

Talking about red ovens, these are nice to add color to your kitchen, but lets be honest, if you buy a red oven, you are stuck with that oven for its lifetime. An oven isn’t just something you can decide you want to change a year from now. On the other hand, an accent wall is. You can change it once a month if you really want to.

Bold Statements

Some bold statements can make the room feel overwhelming or busy. But an accent wall is a great way to add a bold color – maybe even a color you might not normally use, in a moderate way. Adding that bold color to all 4 walls would be a little harsh, but adding it to one? Works great!

Versatile Options

You don’t just have to use a solid color for your accent wall. For that matter, you don’t even have to use just paint; there are other options out there such as wall decals, stick ons, stick on murals, paint murals, tiles, wood, stone or anything else.

Create A Focal Point Easily

A well-placed accent wall is a great way to bring the eyes to a certain focal point when entering the room. Its also a great way to create a solid drop-point for your space. So for example, if you have something in your kitchen such as a big bay window. Its a beautiful window, you can Accentuate the window by painting the wall around the window. Or maybe you have a 100-year-old sink that you have brought back to life, its big, and its beautiful and you somehow managed to bring it into your kitchen and make it a beautiful and functional work of art. Why not do an accent wall behind the sink to create a focal point for it? Focal points can highlight an array of architectural features in your space, items or products you really love, or as a way of focusing people’s attentions to the better parts of your kitchen and keeping their eyes astray from things you don’t like.


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Kitchen Designer Sites Online And Software

If you are doing a kitchen remodel and you plan on buying new cabinets, you are probably wondering what the exact cost is going to be. To be honest, its varying. You have to consider who you will be buying them from, how big they will be (how many), what material, what type and even where you are located! However, I have found quite a few useful sites over the years that really help you figure out a budget so you sort of know what to expect when you go to buy cabinets or have them made. This gives you the ability to not be so shocked when the manufacturer or company says a specific amount. One Kitchen Designer I have always liked is They have a thing right on their website that lets you choose the shape, measurements, cabinets and then they give you a real time quote. Its pretty useful. For example, if you go to and you select:

Reddish Brown Cabinetry
Monaco – Cherry
38 Inch High Wall Cabinets
12 Inch Deep Wall Cabinets
Linear Footage: 36

Kitchen Estimates

Simple $5,600.00

Enhanced $5,975.87

Deluxe $7,280.67

They also show you WHY the price went up

Simple Kitchen Designer – Just cabinets, handles, doors, etc the usual

Enhanced Kitchen Designer – Drawer base cabinetry and/or E-Z Reach corner base (if applicable), Top frame molding, under frame molding, single waste basket pullout

Deluxe Kitchen Designer – Roll out trays in bases, Light rail molding, Crown molding, double waste basket pullout.

But there are plenty of Kitchen Designer websites out there that give you auto-estimations

On the other hand, if you aren’t looking for estimations right now and you simply want to “design” your kitchen online so you can get a better handle on what you like, what looks good, what works for your specific kitchen, you can also find style software, design websites and more. A few that I can personally recommend are:

This one is very versatile and easy to use. You can either choose to start from scratch or you can use their templates. You can add literally every single detail of your kitchen from actual objects to flooring materials, islands and materials, wall color and more. Its very involved, but one thing I really like is when you choose things like cabinet, flooring and wall options it actually has some texture to it. A lot of the other websites let you choose “wood” flooring, but its just a color, it doesn’t actually show planks or grain textures.

For the Ikea one, you can and should expect a lot of options and some very good tech in choosing different materials, textures, colors and of course objects. I like this one too because while you can work on your plan in the main screen there is a 3d rendering box in the corner and you can move the thing in the main square to make certain things show up in the 3d rendering box. The camera becomes super useful when you want to build your room, but you want to also visually see a 3d rendering as you are working. Also unlike some other websites out there, ALL options are available – none are locked. Plus, you don’t even have to sing up to preview or set the room up. You do have to sing up to save it though so that’s something to remember.

This is another one I really like, its much like the Ikea option – every single item, object, style, flooring, etc option you can think of and its all free to use however you want. For example, wood flooring – there are something like 140 options available. Dark wood, light wood, parquet, chevron, plank style and then different wood materials, different stains. Surely this would be useful to you in picking out not only cabinets but the whole entire kitchen.

Just because you use these designers does not mean you have to buy their stuff though. You can just as easily go to another site that offers better prices or quality and purchase it there. The whole point to these sites above is to just have a nice visualization for your designs.

Software is another option.  This will need to be purchased, but it will have even more options than the designers above and you can make as many designs as you want.  if you plan on doing more than just your kitchen, or you have various kitchen designs you want to try, buying software might be the better option for you to be honest.  These are some of the better pieces of software out there right now for designing your kitchen.

Home Designer Essentials 2018 – PC Download [Download]: Home Designer Essentials is fun & easy home design software for DIY home enthusiasts. Created by Chief Architect, so you can enjoy the same type of tools that the professionals use for home design, interior design, and outdoor living. Home Designer Essentials offers intuitive design and smart building tools for your home projects. Home Designer Essentials makes it easy to design and visualize your ideas with smart building and powerful design tools. The tools have commonly accepted defaults for most building practices to assist you in your home design projects. Home Designer automatically creates a 3D model as you draw the walls. And, in 3D you can continue design work – adding cabinets, placing furniture, painting walls or just visualizing your project. An extensive 3D Library of over 5,000 architectural objects make it easy so that styles, finishes and other design details can be accurately visualized. Get started quickly with easy how-to videos that offer step-by-step instructions; and free technical support. All Home Designer products include a 30-day money back guarantee.

Home Designer Pro 2014 [Download]: Chief Architect Home Designer Pro 2014: Home Designer Pro is professional quality home design software. Enjoy the same tools that the professionals use for home design, remodeling, interior design, decks, landscaping and cost estimation. Home Designer Pro offers advanced design, building, and tools with the ability to create framing plans, roof plans, to produce construction documents. Home Design and Remodeling. Home Designer Pro has all the same great features as our other Home Designer Products plus additional advanced design tools that allow you to design like a professional. Use the automated building tools to assist you in the design process or use the advanced manual tools to create highly customized designs. Interior Design: Give your home the exact look and feel you desire-visualize new styles, colors, wall coverings, flooring, and other materials. Plan your space with 3D models, virtual tours, and advanced design tools. Kitchen & Bath Design: Design the kitchen or bath of your dreams! Create virtually any cabinet style with the Cabinet Designer tools.

Chief Architect Home Designer Pro 2016: Home Designer Professional, by Chief Architect, is professional home design software for the serious DIY home enthusiast. Enjoy the same type of tools that the professionals use for home design, remodeling, interior design, outdoor living, and cost estimation. Home Designer Pro offers advanced design and smart building tools to produce detailed construction drawings. Home Designer Pro makes it easy to design and visualize your ideas with smart building and advanced design tools. The tools have commonly accepted defaults for most building practices to assist you in your home design projects. There are automatic and manual building tools for framing, foundations, roofs and stairs. Create accurately scaled floor plans that automatically generate 3D models in minutes. Whether you are creating a single room or an entire house, Home Designer automatically creates a 3D model once you draw your walls.

Kitchens & Baths

– Choose from over 1,000 cabinet combinations – easily change door, drawer, and hardware styles.

– Create custom cabinets in minutes by choosing your own colors, counter tops, door styles, backsplash, counter edge, crown molding, base molding and hardware.

– Plan the new layout of your bathroom with custom cabinets, sinks, showers and tubs.

– Choose from a Library of fixtures and appliances and place inside or adjacent to cabinets.

– Smart cabinet objects know how to bump, merge counter tops, and create automatic cabinet fillers.

– Create custom shaped counter tops.

– Choose from thousands of appliances, sinks, fixtures and pre-designed kitchen islands.

– Elevation camera tools for details and technical views.

– Choose from a variety of latest interior items—including cabinets, chairs, tables, sofas, fabrics, and accessories. Resize, change colors and materials.

– Import your own symbols from 3D file types including SKP, DXF, OBJ and 3DS.

– Material Painter allows you to customize the color and material of any object in your design – cabinets, counter tops, walls, and flooring.

– Choose one of many name-brand colors, including Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore or Behr, and apply as a stain or solid color.

Home Designer Suite 2015: Home Designer Suite is 3D home design software for DIY home enthusiasts. Created by Chief Architect, so you can enjoy the same type of tools that the professionals use for home design, interior design, and outdoor living. Home Designer Suite offers intuitive design and smart building tools for your home projects. Create Your Dream Home Today.

Kitchens & Baths

Create thousands of cabinet combinations, change your counter top material, add appliances and fixtures, create custom colors and materials, and more.

Choose from over 1,000 cabinet combinations

Plan the new layout of your bathroom with custom cabinets, sinks, showers and garden tubs

Choose from a wide variety of appliance styles for your kitchen

Choose from several floor types such as hardwood, stone, tile or carpeting

Import your own favorite objects, materials, colors or textures from a photo or website

Use the Color Blending tool to stain a translucent color or apply a solid colors

The most important thing when you pick a software is to make sure that it works for your specific laptop, that it has good reviews and a high rating, but also that you make sure it has the designs you need for the rooms you need.  All of the software products above do kitchen things, but the two I listed with the kitchen description are my 2 favorites because they have a ton of options available.  I mean being able to use Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore or Behr in your design is great because chances are you will be using one of these 3 brands for paint or stains because they ARE established in the remodeling and design business as being 3 of the top companies for homes.


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