What Are Kitchen Shears and Why Do I Need Them?

There are certain tools you use in your kitchen, Even if you don’t remember where or when you bought them, you know what they do, why you have them and how thankful you are to have them! These tools include things like knives, cutting board, your KitchenAid mixer, heck even your garlic presser (super useful!). But what about kitchen shears? Do you really need them? What exactly are they for? Why not just use regular scissors? These are going to be the questions I answer below, as well as a suggestion of some kitchen shears to consider for your own kitchen!

Do You Really Need Kitchen Shears?

Personally, I think every kitchen should have kitchen shears. But, really this is going to depend on you and my answers below!

What Are Kitchen Shears For?

Kitchen shears are used for all sorts of things:

– They can be used to cut stems away from herbs.

– They can be used to cut meat or chicken up.

– They remove spines from chicken to roast it quicker!

– They can crack shells (feature)

– They can open bottles or jars (feature)

– They can cut up raw bacon!!!

– They can cut up dried fruit

– You can cut apart the shell on shrimp or prawns

– You can use them for screws (feature)

– They can shred leafy greens without bruising them


You’ll notice I used the word “feature” above in opening bottles and jars as well as cracking shells – like shells from crabs, lobsters, etc. MOST all kitchen shears have these sort of cylindrical spots near the inside of the handle with grooves or teeth built into them. This is where the bottle opener, jar opener, crab cracker is. If you’ve ever owned a pair in the past you might have wondered what this was. Well! Now you know! Here’s a little picture so you can see exactly what I mean. This image has the section for a cracker and for a bottle opener.

Why Can’t I Just Use Scissors?

Well, of course, you can just use regular scissors, however, kitchen shears are for the kitchen because:

1- They are stronger than regular scissors

2- They can do more than just cut things – can your regular scissors do that?!

3- Regular scissors and shears shouldn’t be used for the same things. For example, if I’m cutting chicken with my shears, I don’t exactly want to also cut fabric with them, even if I do wash them!

What I do is I have 2 different shears. I have a pair that I only use for meat, chicken, shrimp, etc. (meats that will be cooked). Then I also have another pair that I ONLY use for herbs. In fact, I have a green pair for my herbs and a black pair for everything else so they don’t get mixed up.

Here are my top 3 picks for kitchen shears. They are all different of course, but they all do the main job of cutting things. These are all brands I trust and they are all highly rated products.

Wusthof 5558-1

Now if you’ve read my previous articles you know how much I love and trust Wusthof. And not just for knives, but also for other things like kitchen shears. These are pretty basic, they do have the bottle opener/cracker in the middle but other than that they just do what they are supposed to do! The great thing about these is that they are inexpensive enough that you CAN purchase 2 if you choose to do so.

Mairco Premium

These are actually less than the ones above if you can believe it! People say that these are incredibly sharp and they do everything you need them to do including opening bags, cutting stems off a bushel of herbs, cutting off pineapple tops, cutting through just about any meat and they also are very easy to clean. Most shears have a device on the blade that allows the blades to get freed from each other. These make putting them in the dishwasher to clean them, ultra simple.

Chef Remi

This is one of the highest rated shears right now and for good reason. They are under $15 and they offer a money back guaranteed lifetime warranty. These can cut just about anything in your kitchen because of the high-quality steel that is used to make them, but they are also corrosion resistant. This is of the utmost important in a kitchen. The last thing you want is rusty shears.

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