Kitchen Remodeling: Designing A Gourmet Kitchen

I am in the process of writing a how-to guide on Kitchen Remodeling: Designing A Gourmet Kitchen.  The book will include a lot of different tips and information on how to create a gourmet kitchen; materials to use, trends for 2017, paint and color trends, countertop and flooring materials and more.  Here is a rundown of the Chapters in the book. (draft)

Chapter 1 deals with the best materials used in kitchens.  Not only the best looking or the most stylish options, but the most durable materials too.  Chapter 1 deals with materials in terms of flooring and counters.  You will be able to see the different pros and cons of each material, color options, size options, and of course prices!

Chapter 2 talks about the most commonly used decor styles such as Modern, Traditional, Country, Shabby Chic and Contemporary, as well as the best colors and materials to use in these kitchen types.

Chapter 3 talks about the essential appliances for your gourmet kitchen.  Chances are if you are building a gourmet kitchen you plan on cooking in it a lot so you definitely need certain appliances to accomplish your cooking goals!  You will also find a list of the best vs the worst brands to choose from and a few tips on where to purchase these items.

Chapter 4 deals with 2017 kitchen trends.

Chapter 5 is all about backsplashes!  Why you should have a backsplash, best materials to choose from, different style modifications and more.

Chapter 6 talks about paint for your walls.  What the best “type” of paint is for your kitchen walls, trendy colors to use in the kitchen and how to “try” paints before you buy a few gallons worth.

Chapter 7 talks about kitchen sinks and faucets.  The different materials available to you, different styles or types of sinks and faucets, special features, and more.


The book Kitchen Remodeling: Designing A Gourmet Kitchen should be available in the next few days.  Since the chapters above are drafted, they could change a little bit, but not a lot!  As soon as Kitchen Remodeling: Designing A Gourmet Kitchen is finished I will post a link here where you can purchase it.

If you have any other kitchen remodeling, decor or upgrade topics you would like me to write about, let me know in the comments section.

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