What Kitchen Products Would You Purchase, If Someone Gave You A $2500 Shopping Spree?!

Just out of curiosity and for fun, of course.  I wanted to post something different than usual.  Imagine you are walking by a kitchen store like Williams-Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, Ethan Allen or the like and the owner comes out and tells you that you just won a shopping spree worth $2500.  You can buy anything you want BUT it has to be for your kitchen AND it has to be $2500 or less.  What would you get?

You can buy as many products as you want, as long as you stay under the $2500!

Lets use prices on Amazon as an example.  Amazon has almost everything you could or would ever want for your kitchen.  Here is their main “home and kitchen” page and here is their main “kitchen and dining” page.


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