Kitchen Cabinet Add Ons You Need Now!

It used to be that when you had kitchen cabinets, they were pretty plain. In fact, having something like a microwave built into the cabinets was considered modern and state of the art. But, these days are a changin’. Now you have all sorts of options for your kitchen cabinet add ons; from lighting and tablet mounts and more. Below are some of the best add ons for your kitchen cabinets.

Under The Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting provides illumination for things under the cabinet – such as the counter, for food prep. If its a dimmable light, it can also double as an ambient light for adding romance to the room or using it as a night light when the kitchen is closed for the night. LED is one of the best options to consider for any lighting in your house. Its incredibly advanced, the bulbs last for longer and even though they might be moderately priced, they last for much longer than any other lighting products. These are really useful and functional kitchen cabinet add ons.

Here are a few LED under the cabinet lighting options to consider for your own kitchen.

S&G 3000K Warm White: These are dimmable and they include 6 pieces for under $65.00. It also includes the dimmer, remote, power adapter and all of the connectors – this is a kit that has everything in it for one low price. People say that they really liked the luminosity of this kit – its quite bright so it really lightens up your kitchen, but its also dimmable for those times when you need less light.

LightWiki 4 Panel: This is also a complete kit that includes the 4 warm white modular panels, the power supply, the dimmer switch, the splitter and the cables, connectors, brackets and screws. Its a tad more expensive than the one above, but only by a few dollars. This is considered one of the best – over 400 reviews and yet 84% of the reviews are 5 stars!

Power Plugs

Chances are you probably took days if not weeks or months to pick out the right materials, designs, and color for your backsplash. The last thing you need is some obtrusive socket sticking out. Thankfully you do have surface outlets and hide away outlets available. The surface outlets are plush against the wall – or the cabinets (underneath) and they provide receptacles for your plugs, but they don’t take away from the aesthetics of the kitchen. The hideaway plugs are pretty cool. They have a cover that can be pushed over the socket (manually or automatically using a remote).

Tablet or Phone Mount

These work really well for under your cabinets. They have arms, just like a regular mount, that comes down from underneath the cabinet and you can adjust to different sizes for your phone or tablet. You never really realize how much you need something like this and how much you would use it until you have one!

Mount It: Full motion capabilities, 360-degree rotation, and it can be used to fit tablets up to 10 inches which means you can use it with all iPad models, Samsung galaxy and other models under 10 inches.

CTA Digital: This one has a lot more reviews than the one above, but that’s probably because its more versatile. It can fit tablets, but it can also fit phones as well – from 6 inches on up to 13 inches! People say that this is incredibly sturdy, its easy to install, easy to remove and that it fits just about any phone or tablet.

If you do a lot of cooking in your kitchen or try new recipes where you find them online or want to follow instructional cooking videos, but you don’t want to keep picking up the device and essentially getting it messy and dirty – this is a going to be a good product for you.

Under The Kitchen Cabinet Add On Wine Glass Holder

These can be placed right under your cabinet – and it can be as big or small as you want it to be. They also come in all sorts of different materials like plastic, wood and stainless steel. These allow you to hang your glasses upside down in a more organized, safe and clean way. If you don’t use stemware a lot this might not be a good option for you, but if you tend to have wine every night with dinner, have a mate that drinks wine or your guests that come over for dinner parties are wine enthusiasts you will probably use this quite a bit!

Deco Bros: You can either have the option of a single rack or a 3 rail rack on this product. It fits almost any size of glasses, and it can hold, depending on which product you choose, 3-9 glasses. Its also very easy to clean, install and uninstall.

Useful – Under Cabinet Stemware Rack: Now if you have a lot of glasses, this is the one for you. It fits up to wine glasses! It comes in chrome and its also very easy to install and uninstall. People say they really loved this one because of a number of glasses it holds. Even if you have chunkier glasses, you can still fit 12 -14 glasses.

If you use your kitchen a lot or you even have a lot of get-togethers, parties, dinners or entertain in your home, all of these kitchen cabinet add ons are going to be superb options for your space. They aren’t just functional, but they can also bring a little extra something to your kitchen – such as extra light, more storage, allowing you to enjoy your kitchen more than ever before.

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