Graphical Backsplashes To Kick Your White Cabinets Up A Notch!

White cabinets have always been a sound choice for kitchens, they probably always will be. But one issue a lot of homeowners have is that they feel that while white cabinets can add style and elegance it can also leave a bland look behind. If you don’t want to add too much color to your kitchen with things like accent walls or colored appliances, another option to consider are Graphical Backsplashes. The backsplash you choose should go with your white cabinets, but also add style, color and of course patterns are always a good option for this. Below you will see some of the Graphical Backsplashes I picked out for this project.

Hand Painted Talavera Mexican Tiles 4″x4″ Spanish Influence

These are ceramic tiles – not stick ons, and they are 4×4 squares. You get 100 tiles for a pretty good price and they look fantastic with white cabinets. People say that they loved this specific product because they look really good once you have them set up, but also they were a fantastic price and none of the tiles were broken when they got the package. I couldn’t find a specific picture with white cabinets or a kitchen, however, because you can also use these for the backs of the steps and for a table top, I decided to show you a table.

SomerTile FTC8BRCL Bracara Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile, 7.75×7.75-Inches, Black/Grey/White, Pack of 25

Some people are putting this on their floors, but frankly, I think its WAY too busy to put on flooring. Not to mention its PEI 2 which means its only good for walls and LIGHT traffic. This would definitely not be ideal for a kitchen by any means in terms of flooring. But you can definitely use it for your Graphical Backsplashes! This one comes in a pack of 25 tiles. It is ceramic and not a stick on.

Sun Motif Talavera Mexican Tile Collection

These are pretty cool. They all have to do with the sun or the moon. The nice thing about these is that each tile has its own image which means you can put them however you want and don’t have to worry about the seams being attached. These are pretty inexpensive. They come in 4×4 squares and there are 9 to a pack. It ends up being 1 square foot. Each tile is really an individual work of art that will bring lasting beauty and warmth to your home. These are rustic, colonial-style tiles each a little different from others which add to the timeless Old-World charm of these tiles.

100 Mexican Ceramic Tiles Handmade Talavera Tiles

These are also Talavera, but these ones are much different than the ones above. It comes with 100 tiles for under $40 which is actually pretty cost efficient if you think about it. These are handmade so they will vary from box to box but they try to make them all look the same.

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