How Can I Measure Cabinets For My Kitchen?

When it comes to any kind of a remodeling project, the LAST thing you want to do is to not measure your space. It doesn’t matter if it’s a kitchen, a garage or something outdoors like a yard or a deck – if you measure correctly it will cause a whole bunch of problems and possibly cause your project to be stopped! If you have something store bought like kitchen cabinets, this isn’t something you can exactly cut and expect to just slide it in. If you do this, it could end up causing you more problems than anything else.

There are two ways you could go about this. You can either utilize the services of a store and have them come in to measure everything for your kitchen remodeling OR you could do it yourself. If you hire someone, you can almost guarantee there are going to be no problems – though there are those rare occasions.

Also, if you hire someone it is going to be costly and you have to consider labor charges. If you do it yourself, its much cheaper, but again, please make sure you follow the directions in order to get it done correctly! The first thing you need to do if figure out exactly what size you want your cabinet to be. Cabinets come in a wide array of sizes.

What you need to do is get a tape measure and measure the space where the cabinet goes. You also need to measure the old cabinet so that you know how big it was before you buy a new one! Then, in order to measure the cabinet space, you can actually take the one you have now OR you can simply measure around where you would like the cabinet to be.

Make sure if this cabinet is by a dishwasher, sink, etc. that you make sure there is enough space to move around. I’ve been in homes before where something is a little too big and not only does it make everything look a little “odd”, but it’s also hard to get around in.

When remodeling a kitchen or any room, this is not a very attractive attribute! Also, if you are upgrading or installing any extras like mirrors, make sure that you have enough room in between the chair rail (if there is one!), the top of the ceiling and anything else it might be able to touch. Once you do the measuring, everything else should fit into place nicely!

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