The Best Wooden Kitchen Islands

Next up we have The Best Wooden Kitchen Islands. In terms of the best, these are only placed in this listing for the best and highest reviewed, money is not a consideration here. Some of these wooden kitchen islands are made from domesticated woods that we have in the US such as Oak or Cherry, whereas others are a little more exotic or not commonly heard of like bamboo. Wood is one of those materials that looks good in almost any kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you like traditional decor, modern, minimalist or even something like French country; wood is always welcomed! The design, the color of the wood, and the stain is mainly what will determine what type of house it will be placed in. For example, a painted wood in a white color might be more suitable for a traditional kitchen. On the other hand, black veneer based, black painted or even a darker/chocolate shaded wood might look better in a modern kitchen. Thankfully, with the options you have below, I sort of tried to fit in a few different decors, because the results were so immense. I think you’re really going to like this wooden islands.

Doug’s Furniture – Handmade Island

Now if its a lot of surface space and storage you want, this is definitely going to be one of the wooden kitchen islands you will want to consider. Out of all of the wooden kitchen islands listed in this blog, its by far the largest. Definitely not ideal for smaller kitchens! This does have wheels that are included, and even though I like that they give the island an extra 2 inches of height, I would personally choose to either leave them off or get risers for the island. For this specific island, I just don’t like the look of bare wheels! The height with the wheels is 38 inches. Its a really heavy and nicely constructed island – its made from solid pine. On the top part of this wooden kitchen island you have 3, count them, 3 drawers which is really nice. Then, down below you have a 2 door cabinet which is quite spacy. Its the equivalent of 30 inches wide and about 60 inches in length so you have a lot of room for things like cookbooks, kitchen towels, spices, paper towels, etc. The sides of the island also have doors on them so you can open those too. If you love to cook or even bake, this is the island for you! This would look really great in a rustic, country or french country kitchen.










Best Choice Products – “Utility Cart”

BCP calls this a utility cart, but lets be honest, its a kitchen island! This one is not traditional looking at all. In fact, this would go really well in a modern, minimalistic, rustic, country, or gourmet kitchen. Its made from solid hardwood and stainless steel. The construction is made of wood, whereas the top is made from stainless steel. It also has stainless steel handles and knobs too. This island is a little more “open” than the one above. It has 2 drawers for storage and 2 very roomy shelves. People say that one of the things they really like about this island are the 2 open shelves. Its the perfect space for all those little appliances that you use every day or at least every week and you need a space that is easy to get to, to store them. We’re talking about things like mixing bowls, mixers, blenders, rolling pins, measuring cups, etc. if you’re an avid cook or baker, this might be just the thing you need for extra storage, as well as extra surface space. Also, since the top is stainless steel – you can cut on it, you can roll dough on it, you can even put hot pots and pans on it. Stainless steel is very forgiving which is one of the many reasons why commercial kitchens use stainless steel tables and tops in their kitchens.












Home Styles – 5002-94

The two wooden kitchen islands above covered a lot of different decors. This one, in particular, is going to be for people that have a pretty traditional kitchen. The design of the island, as well as the color, specifically the white option in antique, is very old school so to speak. This one comes in white, black and a natural wood with no paint, just a stain. It has 2 drawers up top and a very room, 2 door cabinet below. Its made from Asian hardwood which is a fantastic material to use in the kitchen – super durable! It also comes with 2 stools at an extra charge. The stools are a good option for extra sitting, but what I really like about adding the stools is that it adds extra height to the island. It sort of fools the eyes into thinking that the island is actually much taller than it is. It should be noted that this is extra heavy – around 200lbs in the boxes it comes in so make sure you have help putting it together!

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