The Best Wall Mounted Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re going to be redoing, remodeling or upgrading your kitchen, another product you will want to look into are cabinets. The great thing about the variety today is that you can choose a cabinet that fits the space, one that has the storage you want, and is in the color or style you need. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is modern, traditional or anything else in between. In this article we will be talking about the best wall mounted kitchen cabinets. In another article, which I will be linking from here when I write it, will be about free standing cabinets. The the best wall mounted kitchen cabinets are one that you, well, mount or anchor to your walls. This can usually be done with 2 people on the job, one holding the cabinets and one doing the anchoring. If you have enough tools and knowledge you can do this yourself, or hire an installer.

These first few have a lot of positive reviews and people love them. The last one only has a few reviews but they are mostly 5-star reviews. I thought they should be included as well.

Elegant Home Espresso Cabinets

This one comes in 2 different color options, but I really love the espresso versus the white option. For the price this one only comes with 1 cabinet which has 2 doors and 1 shelf underneath as well as 3 more shelves on the inside, so you would need to buy a few of them, but for the price, you can afford to do so. The glass is a mosaic design. People that have purchased it have placed these in kitchens, but also bathrooms, garages and of course laundry rooms, so they are multi-purpose. People also say that these are very easy to install and can usually be done in just a few minutes, so that is definitely a positive if you are new to installing cabinets.














Dawson Collection Wall Cabinets

This one also comes with 1 cabinet – each cabinet has 1 shelf, 2 parts which can be used. The wood that this is made from is not the usual particle board, its actually engineered wood, which is a little stronger than particle board. This is one of the most highly rated cabinets on Amazon so that definitely says something about the product! Some of the positives of this cabinet; easy to install, nice construction and it has a nice style. Some of the negatives that were noted; the wall anchors that are included with the cabinet are not the best in the world, but you can find lots of cabinet anchors such as here and here. Make sure you purchase the right anchors for your specific wall type ie; drywall, concrete, brick etc, but those two links should help you out – one is for every wall type!













Anna Wall Cabinets

This is a 1 cabinet package, with 2 doors and 2 shelves that are adjustable. Another very highly rated product on Amazon. This one comes as is, or you can include the installation cost as well. When you purchase the installation, you will have a company come in, breakdown the boxes, open the packaging, install the cabinets with mounting brackets to the wall and then they will also remove all of the boxes and packaging materials for you as well. If you don’t know how to install things, this might be a good option for you! The cabinet has an antique finish with crown molding and brass hinges and handles.













Keystone Cabinets

Now if you want to purchase more than 1 or two cabinets and you need to install an entire kitchen full of cabinets – this is the package for you. It contains every single type of cabinet you would need for your kitchen; drawer base cabinet, wall cabinet, dishwasher end panel, universal end panel, wall blind corner cabinet etc. This one also comes with the ability to buy as is, or buy it with the installation, and if you plan on buying more than a few of the options available, its a better option to use the installation option than not. That way you can rest assured that everything is installed properly and everything is level. I’m not too keen on white anything, but if I were to install an entire kitchen of cabinets and I remotely liked white, this is definitely the one I would go with!










Kendall Wall Cabinets

Like the one above, this has everything you would ever need for a kitchen. They have door base, door cabinets, drawer cabinets, wall cabinets, utility/pantry cabinets and it also has a professional installation option as well. People say that their all-time favorite thing about these cabinets is that they are really roomy and the shelving allows you to adjust it where you deem necessary. People have used these mostly in their kitchen, but you could use them just about anywhere, to be honest. One of the options, a “utility cabinet” as they call it, has been used by many purchasers as a pantry for extra dry goods.










Randolph Oak Kitchens

This is the one that has very little reviews, however, the people that did review did so highly. This is another all in one but you don’t get to pick the options you want. It would be like going to a home store or cabinet retailer and buying an all in one – which is exactly what some people want. They don’t want to have to take the time to guess which products they would need and instead choose an all in one because the decisions are pretty much made for them. It comes in an Amber Oak finish and for the price, it also comes with pretty much everything you would need for your kitchen; refrigerator cabinet, micro hood cabinet, corner lazy Susan, wall diagonal corner cabinet, sink base, dishwasher return, base fillers, etc. It also has free shipping for those of you that are worried about shipping costs. People really like the look of the cabinets, but they also say they are incredibly sturdy and that you absolutely need the extra installation option available because of the amount of cabinetry that it comes with and the complexity.


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