The Best Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

Vinyl kitchen flooring has come a long way! It used to be that this type of flooring was only available in a few colors and patterns – most of which were pretty damn gaudy. These days, though, you have hundreds of colors and designs, as well as prints, and to top it off, you can even find luxury vinyl which is considered to be the best vinyl kitchen flooring. Like with wood laminates, a photo can be used to transfer it to the surface of the vinyl which means you can make your flooring look like all sorts of other materials and yet keep the cost down. Vinyl is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms because its water resistant, scratch and dent resistant and its softer to the touch and has a soft underfoot that other materials that it can mimic, don’t – such as porcelain tiles, marble, and wood. If you’re looking for the best vinyl kitchen flooring, look no further than the products below. ALL of these are insanely highly reviewed and they are considered the best of the best in terms of looks and quality, and yet they are all pretty cost efficient.

Vinyl comes in 2 different options. The rolls where you need a cutter for the sheets and the glue. Then you can find actual tiles that already have a glue backing on them – just peel off the backing and stick it to your floor. Voila. Done. Both are pretty simple, but obviously, the cutting of the rolls is a little more time consuming and mistakes can be made. If you are going to buy the rolls and need a vinyl cutter, this is one to consider. This is one of the highest rated cutters you will find and its multi-usable for vinyl, laminates, porcelain tile and more. Its a very good product to have if you are laying down any of your other floors. By the way, when you’re looking for vinyl flooring, its also a good idea to search for PVC as well, this is the more technical name, but they are both the same thing.








Achim Marble Terracotta

A quick look here. This one looks just like marble, in a terracotta shade. Its incredibly durable and pretty to look at, and yet cost efficient and easy as heck to install. I had these peel and sticks back in the day when I graduated from college and had a piddly little house I rented. They are very easy to install, its literally peel and stick. Just make sure you use a board or a straight edge so that you can make sure you are putting them down equally and straight, if not you have a few seconds to pick them back up before the glue starts to dry. These have a 5-year warranty on them.










Faux Stone Look – Rustic Slate

If you really love the look of rustic slate but you really don’t have thousands of dollars to spend right this minute on a kitchen floor made of slate, this is going to be an ideal choice for you. This is also a peel and stick floor and it also has a 5-year warranty on it. The thickness is 1.2mm so its not too thin and not too thick either. Most of the people that purchased this specific flooring, did so because they wanted a floor for their kitchen. They have been noted as saying that it looks beautiful and yet it also sticks to the floors quite well too. A few people purchased the extra glue that can be purchased with it just for extra assurance, but its not necessarily needed.











Faux Wood Flooring

So above, we had marble, then slate, this is the wood option! This is one of the best vinyl kitchen flooring for wood lovers. People say that they really love that its easy to install, of course, but they also like the fact that it looks like real wood, without the cost of real wood. The one thing some people didn’t like was that it was thin, unlike wood that tends to be pretty thick. But, remember, these are really cost efficient. They don’t have to be your forever floor, they can just be your amazing, easy to install, pretty to look at flooring for now – until you can either save up enough money for another option or decide on another option! While this one has a parquet look to it, if you plan it out properly, you can make whatever design or pattern you want – you just have to plan ahead! If you don’t like the parquet option, consider the medium oak – its super pretty!












Vinyl Floor Planks

These are really cool. They aren’t tiles but they aren’t rolls either. Instead, these are vinyl faux wood planks. These look much more like real wood floors would because of the fact that they are planks, rather than tiles – or one entire sheet of vinyl. Its called Spruce Silver. It has a grayish tone to it that would look good with just about any decor style, but I like modern, and I think this would look really great in my house with the decor I have! This one is a little thicker than the options above, at 2mm and it has a 10-year warranty, rather than just 5 years. A lot of the people that purchased this floor were amazed at how real it looked. In fact, a few people had company over, who asked them when they had their wood floors installed! It really is pretty to look at, and it can match up with just about any other colors you have in your kitchen.


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