Best Selling Bar Stools

If you have a kitchen island in your kitchen or you plan on adding one to your kitchen remodel, you’re going to need some seating for that expansive space While there are a few different options available, I really like bar stools. They are tall enough to reach the island counter top, but they come in many different sizes, features, materials and styles. I know that my style is different than yours (probably!) so below I will be showing you a few top rated, best selling bar stools in different looks for your kitchen.

2xHome Bar Stools

These are kind of cool because while the design is the same on all the options, they do come in several colors; black, teal, sky blue, lime green, yellow, orange, red, pink and what looks to be taupe. These come in a set of two chairs and they are plastic molded seats with natural wooden legs. The chairs also have a “leg rest” on them. However, these are only 28 inches from the seat. This seems like not a lot, but I just measured my chairs versus my counter and my chairs are only 30 inches high from the seat and the counter is 36 inches in height. It works for me. If you want something taller, look further down this list.

Roundhill Contemporary Chairs

These have a very different look to them. These also have no back to them, they are simply the seat part you sit in. However, they are metal and then covered with a faux leather and a cushion. I imagine this wouldnt be super comfortable to sit in all day long, but for morning coffee, dinner, or good conversation they would work well. These come in white, black or red – I really like the red just because its a pop of color without being overbearing. The stools also have an airlift compressor which allows them to be as low as 24 inches and as high as 30 inches. These also come as a set of two.


Boraam Augusta

Another very high selling and high rated stool. This one is made from a faux leather cushiony seat with high-density foam. The chair itself is made from wood. You have a few different style options when it comes to this product; black, cappuccino, cappuccino wood with black seat, cherry wood, redwood, black on black or black seats with brown wood. These also come in either a 29 inch or 24-inch option. If you’re using it for a bar or a counter I would definitely suggest the 29-inch option. Out of all the features, people say that these chairs are incredibly sturdy. That makes sense considering its made from hardwood and not some cheap material!

South Mission Leather Stools

These ones look incredibly comfortable. They have a back to them but it reaches up much higher than the 2x home ones. These come in black, camel, crème, brown, red and white. I really love the camel and brown ones though! Surprisingly enough these are super easy to put together and they are also quite tall – they go up to 32 inches! A few people complained that the chairs felt like they were not put together properly and all I can say to that is to make sure… you put them together properly! Some assembly is required so if you find that they are wobbly, consider going back and re-tightening the screws and making sure you put them in the right spots.

Winsome Saddle Seat

I can personally say that saddle seat stools are not the most comfortable thing in the world. However, they are super attractive and they work for mild use ie; eating dinner on, or having coffee etc. I definitely wouldn’t consider sitting on these chairs for longer than a few hours though. The only saddle seat I have ever sat in that was super comfortable was one I found in Arhuas that also had a real leather seat that was cushioned. This one is not cushioned and therefore it would be difficult to sit in it for long periods of time. This one comes in either 24 or 29 inches in height and it comes in black, white or walnut. It is made of solid beechwood though so you know its going to be very sturdy.

Products to stay away from:

At first glance these items look cool, they look comfortable and they look like they were purchased a lot. However, upon further research and looking on a few different sites for reviews, these are not products you want to purchase.

Round Hill Masaccio: Shame, I really liked the look of these ones and even though there are 164 reviews, most of them are 1 and 2-star ratings.  Just be safe and stay away from these ones!

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