Best Places To Purchase Wood Items For Your Kitchen

A few months ago I decided to join a Woodworking group on Facebook.  I find it really interesting when people can craft things into something new.  It’s interesting to watch this piece of wood become a chair or an entertainment center.  Maybe that’s the Pisces in me enjoying other people’s creativity, but it got me thinking.  Where do these people buy wood from?  

Obviously some of them have their own wood via trees on their property, but what if you don’t have the machinery to cut wood?  Is there a place you can go to purchase wood?  Well, I collected a few interesting places these guys and gals go for their wood and I would like to share it with you!


According to a lot of the people in the group, if you go to a lumberyard where they have the equipment to cut down trees into smaller sections, they will actually offer you a VERY cheap price for leftover wood and trim.  Because this comes right from the lumberyard it tends to not be coated with any crap, you would usually have it coated with if you were to purchase it from another wood store which means instead of harsh chemicals, you can instead use your own natural coatings, if you choose to do so.


Amazon actually has a lot of wood types available on their website.  In some cases the shipping is free, in other cases you can use your Prime Membership to get free shipping and in other cases you would have to pay for shipping – but if you find a really great piece you can’t live without, this might be the best option for you.

Here are a few prime examples of wood options on Amazon:

Wooden Cubes

These come in different quantities from 50 to 3500 blocks.  Woodpecker, the company that sells them, says these are perfect for toys, wood widdling, DIY crafts and more.

Wooden Dowel Rods

These come in 25 to 5000 dowel rods.  Dowels can really be used for all sorts of things; making a twin dispenser, create a wooden lantern, organization tactics like rolling wrapping paper up, creating signs, using them on the bottom of figures for a large tier cake, making a magazine holder, etc.  

Cocobolo rosewood

These are true cocobolo rosewood with the scientific name dalbergia retusa. They are from an extremely dry area in Nicaragua and have very tight growth rings and lots of burls, swirls, and beautiful colors (reds, yellows, oranges, and lots of black stripes!).  These are great for making pool cues, flutes, batons, bagpipes, and other beautiful turnings.

Pen Blank 5 Pack

This pack of pen blanks contains the following species: Purple Heart, Zebrawood, Sapele, Walnut, Padauk. Each blank is at least 3/4 squared by 5″ long and has been kiln dried”

Walnut Wood

Choose from the ten different species they offer. Each board has been cut down to either 7/8″x4″x12″ OR 7/8″x4″x24″, sanded and planed on two sides. You will receive three pieces at the dimensions mentioned above in one package. Color tones and grain may vary from photo as this is a natural product.

Hard Maple Lumber

Great for cutting boards and other small woodworking projects where a dense wood is desired.

Zebrawood Lumber

Each piece measures a full 3/4″ x 4″ x 12. Solid Zebrawood Lumber.  Zebrawood is coveted among woodworkers for its striking grain pattern and is commonly used for accent pieces

Wood Stores Online

There are also wood stores online where you can buy things like; lumber, wood, birch and more.  One website I really like is  They have:




Hobby Boards

Thin Lumber

Lumber Packs

Outdoor Woods

Cutting Board Woods


Sheet Goods

Baltic Birch Plywood

Veneer (Paperback)

Veneer (Raw)

Edge Banding

They seem to have a lot of sales and specials as well.

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