The Best Kitchen Islands For Small Kitchens – Money Is No Object!

Usually “money is no object” is hardly ever said, but these are kitchen islands, its not like you are going to be buying a $500,000 Ferrari or anything like that. These next few more expensive islands will have a higher price tag, yes; but they will also be better made with more storage options too.  When looking at high range kitchen islands on amazon, you’re going to be looking at anywhere between $350 to $1200. Well, without further ado, lets get this show on the road! Oh! By the way, most of these will not be having wheels on them. Because they tend to be heavier because they are made with even better materials, wheels simply won’t do it!

Coaster Home Living – Buttermilk and Cherry

WOW! This one totally rocks. This is as good as a full-size kitchen island as you are going to get. However! Its still made for a smaller kitchen. You see this might be all big and beautiful in its own right, but it also has drop down leafs which allow you to make it smaller if you desire to do so. This has a very traditional, almost southern look to it. The top is a hardwood cherry. The white base is also made from real wood. Each side of the island has 2 sets of drawers and a very large cabinet with 2 doors. That’s 4 drawers and 2 cabinets altogether. The side also has a recessed piece with 2 shelves which are perfect for spices and herbs. Both sides of the island have these little shelves. The shelves are only a few inches deep so you can’t just put anything on them, but the spices are a good option since they tend to be bottles and won’t take up a lot of room. If you don’t have little kids running around, you could also try to fit bottles of wine onto the shelves as well. People really love the look of this piece. It by no means looks cheap or chintzy!












Traditional Home Styles Kitchen Island

This one also has a very traditional look to it. It has scalloped legs with an antique finish, which automatically makes me think of a traditional kitchen of course. I have a modern kitchen, but if you do like more traditional styles, this might be a good one for you to consider. The model name is Americana which is aptly named! Its made entirely of solid hardwood and veneer. The distressed oak look alongside the oak knobs complement each other too. Its quite roomy – it has 1 drawer on one side of the island and one drawer on the other. It also has a 2 door cabinet, which opens on either end and 3 shelves on the sides of the island. Plenty of space to put things like towels for the kitchen, herbs and spices, coffee and tea cups and more. Out of all the things that people like about this, its the looks. In fact, one reviewer said that while their kitchen decor was quite old (50 years+) they actually decided to upgrade the entire kitchen and build it around the look and feel of this island. THAT is how awesome it looks!













Rustic Living – Home Styles 5516-948

Check this one out here. Okay, so my number 1 decor style that I love is modern. But, if Modern weren’t a thing, I would probably go rustic. I really love wood as a material. It comes in so many options and styles and colors and stains. Add in some natural stone and I am in love! This island is perfect for people such as myself that love a modern look, but also love the rustic look too. This one is 36 inches in height, which is a little lower for me than I would like because I am pretty tall! Nonetheless, you could always consider placing risers under the legs to add to the height. Just make sure you anchor the risers to the bottom of the legs! This one is rough hued with a brushed finish. It has one really large drawer at the bottom and a 2 door cabinet above that! It also has storage for wine bottles, or whatever else you can fit in there, on each side – 5 x5. The other side of the island has sort of a recessed area where you can put 2 stools as well.














All of these are good options to choose from, but you can always check out more here as well. Just make sure you consider the reviews, but don’t make it your end all to be all. Some people are just super finicky and nothing makes them happy. You can also consider doing research on other websites to see how people liked the products above, or any other options you decide to choose from.


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