The Best Kitchen Islands For Small Kitchens – Moderate Budget

So we already did small kitchens with small budgets article, but this one is going to be for moderate budgets, that is between $200 and $350. All of these not only have positive reviews but I also really like them! If you have a small kitchen these are going to be some really good options for you to consider.

TMS Kitchen Island

This one is super nice. Seriously. It looks like its really well made and it has a ton of storage space and surface space. It comes in red, white or black. The red is really nice for those of you that want to add a splash of color to your kitchen but you aren’t sure how. On the other hand, if you just want to go with something a little more plain, you can choose black or white. Also, white tends to look better in traditional kitchens and black looks better in modern, so that is definitely something to think about as well. Each side of the cart has holders. One is for paper towels and the other is for towels. It also has 3 very roomy drawers and 2 quite tall and deep cabinets. This one also comes with wheels, but you could very well just not put them on and not have it rolling. The only bad thing about this kitchen island is that it doesn’t do well with heat. So if you want a place to put hot pans and pots, this is not the ideal island for you. The people that have reviewed this item enjoy that its small enough for a smaller kitchen, but that it still has ample surface space and storage space.













Home Styles 9001-0022

This one is really neat too. It has a ton of options available which will really allow you to make a purchase that suits your needs and the look of your kitchen. Surely you know by now that there are dozens of different decor styles – each with its own set of materials, colors, and more. Because of this, it might not suit you to only have the option between red, black and white like with the option above. This one gives you the ability to choose the stand color, which comes in; black, cherry, oak, natural and white as well as the top. For the top you can choose from; oak wood, cherry wood, maple wood, black granite, gray granite, natural wood, and of course stainless steel. A lot of people like stainless steel because its super easy to clean and its easier to keep bacteria off of. This island has rolling wheels, as well as 2 bars on either side of the stand. One can be for paper towels and the other can be for a cloth towel. It also has 1 drawer and 1 cabinet with 2 doors. Its essentially the smaller model of the one mentioned above, but it has more options in terms of styles and colors available. Some people have mentioned on the reviews that its a nice option for kitchens as a prep or serving table, but that its so convenient because of the wheels, that it can also double as a coffee and tea cart as well. The biggest thing that people don’t like about this is that it takes about an hour to put together and you have to actually know how to put stuff together. So make sure if you get this one you have the right tools on hand and even a buddy to help you put it together quickly and efficiently!














Kitchen Island With Wine Holder By Home Styles

Another great kitchen island by home styles. This one has a very traditional look to it the way that its designed, as you can see from the image below. It only comes in two color options; black or white. However, its quite large compared to the one above, and it has more storage features. This one has 2 drawers instead of one. It also has two towel holders on the side, a handy shelf, and one cabinet. But, here’s the kicker – it also comes with a built-in wine bottle storage area, that can hold a whopping 12 bottles of wine. That’s pretty cool, right?! This is also a very highly reviewed product. Out of all the features and options, people that have purchased this piece have said that they love that its actually made out of real wood – no particle board or cheap wood-like stuff on this island!














Next, we will be doing a blog on kitchen islands for small kitchens with a higher budget! Be sure to look out for that. Most of all of the home styles products have free shipping and handling for those of you that are worried about breaking your budget. Just simply check the links out above and it will tell you if there is free shipping and handling or not.

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