The Best Kitchen Islands For $1000 to $2000

When it comes to buying products, a lot of people (myself included) look at the quality of a product, as well as reviews – and the overall cost. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if a product is expensive that its automatically quality, but if you include how its made/what its made of, and reviews about that product, you can usually end up with a really nice addition to your kitchen. That’s why in the blog below we will be talking about quality products – well made, as well as products that are highly reviewed, which are also between $1000 and $2000 for kitchen islands. These are considered the best of the best!

Kitchen islands have been popular since around the 1950s, so its no big surprise that they are still popular to use in kitchens. Especially since kitchens are becoming the hub of the entire house. If you’ve ever had a party or dinner or a get-together – you probably noticed that everyone always seems to end up in the kitchen, even if the guests were originally in another location! Kitchens are more than just a place to cook. They are a place to talk and socialize, entertain, eat, read do homework and more. Because of this, kitchen islands are essential to your kitchen. They add in a place to set the food down, a place to prep food on, and they allow your guest’s places to sit when they socialize with you.

Home Styles – Monarch

Home Styles might not be a brand that you are familiar with, and yet almost every single product they offer, not just in kitchen islands, has rave reviews. Not only that but they have prices that fit anyone budget – from low, to moderate to high. Home Styles offers entryway furniture, living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining, home office, outdoor furniture and more. For this specific product, its been featured on this blog before, and for good reason. I think personally that while carts are great, an island, in my mind, should be sturdy, it should have a foundation or legs, not wheels and it should offer all the storage space you need. This one comes in 2 different colors; black or antique white. I’m partial to the black! It can also come with different extra features such as 2 stools or just the island itself. Its quite big – 48 inches wide by 25 deep by 36 inches high, but it also includes an extender which can make it up to 48 inches wide by 40 inches deep by 36 inches high.

Lyn Design Kitchen Island

This one doesn’t have nearly as many reviews as the one above, but its still a beautiful, just as sturdy and if you take a look on a few other websites including Amazon, it has some really good strong reviews. This one can come with the top or without it. It only comes in black – the top is made from butcher block so is incredibly durable and sturdy. This island has 3 drawers, and 3 door cabinets on one side. On the other side, it has 3 adjustable shelves. This one can hold a lot of different items that need storage in your kitchen. Out of all the reviews, people say that this one is incredibly strong and sturdy – especially with the butcher block top. It has a nice design style and it really adds a certain WOW factor to your kitchen.

Home Styles – 9200

Home Styles, back at it again! This one is quite customizable. It comes in 4 different colors; black, oak, natural and white. It also gives you the ability to choose fro the top as well – natural top, stainless steel top, black granite top, oak top or a gray granite top. This one does have wheels, but I still like it because its big and sturdy! Plus, with most all of these wheel designed ones, you don’t have to add the wheels – you can leave them off. However, it does decrease the height, so that’s something to think about. This one is made of actual hardwood, it has 4 door cabinets on the front, 2 drawers and all of the shelves are adjustable. On the sides, it has a small condiment rack with a towel holder, and on the other side, it has a paper towel holder/towel holder. This one is 48 inches in width, 17 inches deep and 34 inches high – with the wheels. Without the wheels its about 32 inches high.

Home Styles Grand Torino

This one is a regular kitchen island, no wheels. And its quite large. It comes with 2 drawers on the front and a 2 door cabinet in the middle front of the island. On the left-hand side is a wine storage option that holds 12 bottles of wine. Past the wine rack is an extended island where the stools fit into – on both sides facing each other. On the far right side is a shelve with 2 adjustable shelves. To say that this one is roomy is an understatement! Its 48 inches long, 25 inches deep and 36 in height.

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