The Best Freestanding Kitchen Cabinets

Not everyone has the space for wall mounted cabinets, and that’s okay. If you need more storage space, or you need to “fill in” space and would like more cabinetry, free standing cabinets might be a better option for you. All of the kitchen cabinets below are considered the best free standing kitchen cabinets, which means they all have really great reviews from homeowners just like you. These are also cabinets that I really like for one reason or another; price/affordability, design/structure, or features/options.

Jelly Cupboard from Winsome

A jelly cupboard is probably something you’ve seen before, but this specific one is highly cost efficient. Usually, these cupboards range from $800 on up to $3000 depending on the age and who makes them. The Amish, for example, make these from scratch and they can get really expensive! A jelly cupboard was thought to be used originally in the 19th century, which gives it a very historical approach in terms of cabinets, which should make it perfect for a traditional kitchen. However, this specific one can also be used in a modern kitchen as well, because of the deep stain and stainless steel knobs! You can place just about anything in these cupboards. As you can see, pictured below, this one is being used for glasses and dishes. You can also place china in it, tea towels in the bottom drawer, or even dried goods. This is also made from solid wood, which makes it incredibly sturdy and it will last for years to come. Out of all the people that reviewed this cupboard, people agree that its incredibly spacious. You can fit all those little gadgets and accessories in it, as well as smaller appliances that you don’t have room for anywhere else such as juicers, blenders, large mason jars, juice pitchers, etc. If you love the cupboard and the design but aren’t crazy about the stain, you can also lightly sand it down with a sander or sand paper and then stain it or paint it whatever color you want.














Americana Pantry Storage

This is another tall somewhat wide free-standing cabinet. It comes in black for this product, but its pretty nice looking and amazingly spacious. It has two sections (which are connected), the top section has 3 sections and the bottom section also has 3 sections. Its 16inches in depth, 72 inches high and 30 inches wide – which I think you can agree is pretty darn big! A lot of these furniture pieces these days don’t come with height, they tend to be like 30 to 36 inches tall, so its nice to see something nice and tall! Another thing to consider, in one of the earlier articles I wrote about wooden islands, this pantry would go perfectly well with this kitchen island – they are made from the same company, and are the same collection, so they go together really well.

















Altra Carver Storage

Alright, I really love this one. Its black on the outside, but once you open the doors, it features what looks like an aged or farmhouse wood. I love that look! This has 2 doors and on the inside it has 2 main shelves, below that are two pull out drawers, below that 2×2 (4) smaller spaces. The picture seen below shows all the cool stuff you can store inside here, from bottles of wine to cookbooks, dishes, glasses, jars and more. It really is spacious and like with the one above, this one is also pretty tall – 64 inches. You definitely need some help bringing this box inside and assembling it – the shipping box weighs 110 pounds! People say that the worst thing about this item is that its so heavy. But, the best thing is that its really spacious and perfect for storage and really well made! Also, if you really love the style and design, you can also find a bar cabinet, coffee table, end table and even a TV stand! Ha, I love the coffee table too. The main foundation is black wood, and the top is that farmhouse wood. Its really pretty!
















Shaker Cabinet – Simpli Storage

This one comes in honey brown, black or distressed gray. I am partial to the distressed gray in this instance! You also have the choice between high wine storage, low storage, and medium storage. For this specific review, we will be taking a look at the medium storage in gray. This one has a gray finish with a protective lacquer that will keep it from getting scratched, worn or dented. It has 2 doors with tempered glass and 2 shelves, which are adjustable. It also has 2 open top cubbies with cutouts for cord management. This one is high enough to make me happy – 42 inches in height, but its also low enough to where you can use the top most part of the cabinet for your smaller appliances. This is a shaker style cabinet and has brushed nickel knobs, as well as square tapered legs. Assembly is a little complicated, so that is definitely one thing to consider, but overall, people seem to be really happy with the color, the style and the sturdiness of the cabinet, which is why I listed it as one of the best free standing kitchen cabinets!

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