The Best Flooring For Modern Kitchens

If you have a modern kitchen like I do, one of the things you might start to shop for is modern flooring. But, what is considered modern? Is it a certain material? A certain color? The way the tiles are placed on the floors? This and more is what we will be talking about below, as well as some of the best flooring to purchase for your kitchen project.

Wood Laminates

Wood laminates or wood, in general, goes really well with a modern kitchen. When I think of a modern kitchen I think of clean lines, everything has its own place (very organized), lots of wood, stone, and glass, as well as chrome or stainless steel. It can also be a space that, while not fully colored, can have splashes of color such as a dining room that connects to the kitchen with red fabric chairs or a backsplash with some added colors like blues or greens. Modern is not cold. It can be quite refreshing and comforting. Because of this, I automatically think of wood flooring. Wood laminates have become more and more popular over the past 10 years and for good reason. They look and feel just like real wood, but at the fraction of the cost. They are also easier to replace in terms of one plank (and cheaper) than hardwood. Lastly, they tend to be more forgiving in a kitchen, than hardwood. is. A few wood laminate options to consider:

Formica – Wood Laminates: Its a little confusing, but these are wood laminates, they are just manufactured by Formica, which is also a material primarily used in counters. Formica offers a large array of colors and styles. Just to name a few; Maple, Chestnut, Walnut, Amber, Cherry, etc. That is just the WOOD look. They also have faux-stone sheets too!

I-Maxx Premium Flooring – Dori Oak: This has the authentic look and feel of hardwood. and yet its super easy to clean and take care of. Its also water resistant and yet incredibly affordable. This would be ideal for a modern kitchen!

Quick Step: This one is a dark gray varnished plank, but they have a lot of other color and style options available such as Caramelized maple, Golden hickory, Spiced tea, Chocolate walnut, Tropical koa and brushed white pine. Reviewers have been noted in saying that this is a really quality floor and that its held up to the test of time!

Natural Stone Flooring

If you want something a little different than wood. Limestone, marble, and travertine are another great option to consider. Also, instead of just placing the tiles or planks down in a more traditional sense, you can place them down in a more geometric pattern using herringbone for example, which adds detail to the space. Natural stone is a very strong material which is why it can be used in kitchens and bathrooms alike. It also comes in a wide range of colors but if you have a modern kitchen it might be a good idea to stick with a lighter hue, rather than something darker. Especially if everything else in the room has a darker hue. The lighter floor will bring, well, light to the space!










Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

If wood laminates and natural stone flooring is still way above your budget, why not consider just going with the simpler and less expensive alternative – ceramic or porcelain? Of course its not going to look 1000% the same as say travertine or marble, but its actually pretty damn close. Ceramic tends to be used in low traffic areas and for backsplashes and on walls, so that’s something to consider. Porcelain on the other hand, can and should be used anywhere, even floors, even high traffic areas. Here are a few considerations to add to your list.

Somer Tile – FXLM2OWD: This flooring is from Somer Tile and it comes in a few different options; all white octagon, white with burgundy dot, white with black dot, white with cobalt blue dot and even white with green dot. The dot is a square tile set at an angle. Its really simple, but if its a no nonsense floor that you require, this is the best way of going about it.

Penny Porcelain Tile: This one is also by Somer Tile and it comes in almost every color under the sun. The “penny” in the title suggests that there are these tiny little tiles the size of pennies. It has a really cool and different look than the same old same old tile that you might be used to. Some colors they include; marine blue, black, blue gray, Capri green, yellow, purple, sky blue, navy blue, brown and more! This is definitely a high rated product. Out of all the people that left reviews, they say that the thing they liked the most about this tile was a simple fact that its very attractive! The colors also bode well too. If you get navy its going to be navy, if you get yellow, its going to be a nice color of yellow, etc.

Hex Tiles – Porcelain: These come in a 10.25×11.75 sheet as well as 10.5×11 sheets. They also come in glossy or matte white, glossy or matte black, green and white hex with black dots. They marginally slip resistant which makes them ideal for the kitchen. If you want them, even more, slip resistant, consider the matte option over glossy.

Faux Stone: If regular old tiles don’t do it for you, this is one to check out. This looks like real stone, but its not, its porcelain! Its also heavy duty which means it can be used in rooms with light, moderate and heavy traffic.

Faux Wood: Another awesome product by Somer Tiles. This one resembles wood and it looks amazing! If you don’t like the hue of this one, that’s okay because they have many other “wood” colors available such as Teak, Tiger wood, Ash, etc.

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