Benefits Of Quartz Countertops

Over the years, kitchen materials for countertops have changed significantly. It used to be that materials like laminate were incredibly popular, but over the past few years, the popularity for laminates have gone down. Now, people are looking for a more beautified, functional, and durable material that they can have for years to come. If you’re looking for something different in your kitchen for yourself or you plan on selling your home down the line, and you’ve been looking at the kinds of materials available for countertops, one material not to dismiss is quartz.

The Manufacturing Process

So what exactly are quartz countertops made from? How are they made? Well, they are made from 93% crushed quartz and 7% polymers or resins as they are more commonly called. Quartz crystals are mined from quarries. These crystals are then ground up into a dust or an aggregate that also uses the resin binders and the two are fused at intensely high temperatures. This is where your slab formation comes from. If the customer wants a certain color to be added, this is when the pigments will be added to the quartz.

The Benefits Of Quartz Countertops

Whether you plan on using these quartz countertops in your kitchen or in your bathroom, they have a lot of different benefits to using this material.

– Extremely Durable: If you include the other 2 popular stones, marble, and granite, you will find that out of the 3, quartz countertops are the hardest of all. If you want a material that is going to stay looking beautiful for years to come, this is definitely the material you should be considering.

– Very Easy To Maintain: Quartz is also really easy to take care of. Even though it seems lime a luxury material that would be really finicky; its not. If you get quartz countertops, they will never have to be sealed. You also don’t have to worry about getting some expensive cleaner or hiring someone to clean them professionally because you can simply use a damp cloth to clean the surface.

– Custom Options: If you want a specific color, texture, finish or pattern, you can have this done with quartz !!br0ken!! Because these are made from a combination of both quartz dust and a binder it gives the manufacturer the ability to create all sorts of custom options in terms of aesthetics, but also sizes and shapes. This might really come in handy when you decide that you want a certain design element for your counters in your kitchen or bathroom.

– Incredibly Hard: Since quartz countertops are an incredibly hard material, though are also resistant to things like scratches. Marble on the other hand, while very beautiful to look at, can scratch over time. If you do a lot of cooking or baking in the kitchen, or you have kids, a quartz countertop might be just what you need.

– Non-Porous: When you have a material like a quartz countertop that is non-porous, you have a material that is not only resistant to staining from foods and liquids, but you also get a product that is resistant to bacteria.

– Long Lasting: Since this is a material that is extremely hard, durable, and scratch resistant, you can expect to keep your quartz countertops for years to come. Most pros say that these countertops can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, however, some companies offer a lifetime warranty/guarantee. It all depends on who you decide to work with.

Quartz Countertops Colors

When choosing a material for your counters, you absolutely want to be able to choose colors that complement your kitchen. While quartz doesn’t offer as many color options as, say, marble, it does offer a good amount of quartz colors. These range from light to dark and everywhere in between. Some examples of quartz colors for quartz countertops include; Spring Valley, Toffee, Thunder Road, White Zen, Yukon Gold, Midnight Black, Dove Grey and even Calacatta Vintage. Even though this is quartz were talking about, the Calacatta Vintage is a really nice option because it looks very similar to Calacatta Marble, and yet it has all the benefits of quartz countertops! There are somewhere around 40 different slab colors available for your quartz countertops, so while its not as many as marble or granite, you still have a very good selection of quartz colors available.

When choosing a color keep in mind that these are engineered quartz countertops which means whichever color you choose, is the exact quartz color you will get throughout the entire counter. You don’t have to worry about the colors, hues or even the veining changing throughout like you would with granite or marble.

Quartz Countertops Edges

Is quartz stronger than other materials? Yes. Its second to diamond, in terms of strength, But, that doesn’t mean you still can’t choose certain edges for your counters in order to really make them your own. Quartz countertops come in all sorts of edges from straight beveled to bull nose and from mitered to ogee; you can find pretty much any edge that you want in your kitchen or bathroom for your quartz countertops.

Quartz Countertops Finishes

Chances are if you’re getting these quartz countertops for your bathroom or kitchen, the color isn’t the only important factor to you. You also are going to consider the types of finishes available. Since this is an engineered stone, you have a lot of different options available to you in terms of the finishes. But, here are a few of the most popular options.

– Polished Finishes: A polished finish will have a more glossy almost shiny look to it. This is one of the more commonly used finishes. If you’ve ever seen a polished counter in any material you know that it has a very luxurious look and feel to it.

– Honed Finishes: Honed, sometimes called leathered, has a matte look and feel to it. When using this in kitchens or bathrooms, sometimes people prefer it over the polished finish, because this one does not reflect light the way the polished one does. Honed also has a very relaxed and casual vibe to it.

– Volcano: This has a very smooth feel to it, and yet the surface is a sort of bumpy texture, hence the word volcano.

Whether you choose honed or polished – or another option entirely is going to really rely on what type of look you want.

In the end, when it comes to quartz countertops, as you can see from the content above, you have quite a few options available to you in terms of design and creativity. Add on the fact that this is one of the most durable and easy to maintain stones around, and you can clearly see why so many people choose quartz countertops for their bathrooms and kitchens. If price is also a consideration for you, this is the least of your worries. Quartz countertops might bring a lot of luxury and allure into your home, but the price is just about the same as that of granite counters.

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