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Hi guys!

My name is Kristi and this is my website and my story!

I decided to create this website for people such as yourself that are either buying a home and remodeling it, have a home already and want to renovate it, or for people that are building a brand new home from the ground up that wanted sound advice.

This specific website has to do with everything kitchen related.  The kitchen in a home, for me, is one of the most important aspects of the home.  Its the place where I tend to cook quite a lot, and chances are in your own home, its the place where people tend to congregate the most!  You really know this is true if you have any parties, dinners or get-togethers.  People always end up in the kitchen!  This should be a place that is efficient for what you want to use it for, but it should also be attractive and functional as well!

My main goal when I started to look for homes back in 2016, was to find a home that was already constructed.  I figured I could save some money this way, but I could also have money left over that would allow me to change certain things.  Lets be honest; its VERY rare for a potential homeowner to find a “dream house” where nothing needs to be changed.  Whether its the counters, flooring, or even the appliances in the kitchen, something always has to be upgraded, changed or fixed.

Back in January of 2016, I started to do my search for 2 homes.  I wanted one home in my city and I wanted another home in a warm location, such as Florida.  For my main home in my city origin, I wanted this to be the home where I spent a good amount of my time.  Because of this, I needed the kitchen to be MY dream kitchen.  The one in Florida would be my get away home aka vacation home.

In August of 2016, I found the almost perfect home of my dreams in my city.  It had everything I wanted, but of course, there were some things I wanted to change, specifically in the kitchen.  Since then I have been going through tons of building phases for the kitchen, and tons of research on the best counters, flooring, appliances, lighting and more.  because of this, I think that I am a pretty well-rounded expert to help you with your kitchen needs.  The home in Florida was also purchased in December.  Lots of work needs to be done on this home.  Its a beautiful house, only feet away from the beach, I get to see the sunrise every morning, and it really is a beautiful home.  But, alas, the kitchen needs work!

Though I have many products already picked out, and some already installed for my city home, the items I plan on putting into my beach home are quite different.  This is mainly because they are very different “styles” and also because of the weather differences as well.  Beyond just listing products and items I am putting IN the two homes, I will also be doing 2 outdoor kitchens as well; one for the city, one for the beach home.  Hopefully, I can add a little insight to your plans, help with choosing the best products for your house, and essentially help you to live in a comfortable, efficient and amazingly beautiful home!

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