3 Easy Ways To Add Color To Your Kitchen

A kitchen is one of the rooms in a house that always seems to be the most popular room.  It is the room where people tend to congregate during get-togethers and parties but is also a place where your family tends to gather even if they aren’t doing any eating or drinking. With so much activity taking place in one specific room, you want to make sure it is a warm, inviting, and inspiring place to be. One way to achieve this is by adding touches of color. Here are some easy ways to add color to your kitchen that requires minimal effort but can make a huge impact.

– Accent Walls Add Color To Your Kitchen:  This is something that is becoming pretty popular for kitchen decorating ideas.  It’s easy to do, it’s cheaper than painting the entire kitchen, and it’s one of the top kitchen decorating ideas in 2014.  Painting one wall is a great way to add color to a room and brighten it up.  Think about bold colors like royal blue, cranberry, or even hunter green.  This is especially nice for people that leaned more towards one or two color tones for their kitchen i.e.; a white kitchen or a kitchen with a lot of light wood.  If you want to do something a little more intricate, you can also consider doing a mural.  These days you have 3 options.

You can hire a painter to do the mural – which is pretty expensive.

You can buy a large stencil and paint it yourself, think paint by numbers, without the numbers.

Or you can purchase these stick-on murals – some of these are really nice.  Beach Themes, Wine Themed, Cottage Themed, etc and then they also have picturesque murals like Greece, Italy, whatever you want!  These usually work one of two ways.  They have a backing on them that is glue-like, but won’t actually tear the wall away.  The second option uses friction and static to keep the mural on the wall.  I like the non-evasiveness of the static option, but I never had one so I can’t say whether they stick well or not.  I have, however, had the sticky glue option.  These work very well and they come off the wall when you need them to.  If you have any sticky stuff left behind, just use some goo-gone!  Whatever option you choose to do, these are all great ways to add color to your kitchen.  I have listed a few products below for you to take a look at.  Just click the image to go to the product!

Beach Themed
Wine Themed



– Backsplashes Add Color To Your Kitchen:  Also very easy to create when it comes to kitchen decorating ideas.  A backsplash can be placed either behind a stove or a sink to create a more colorful approach.  The really cool thing about a backsplash is that it doesn’t necessarily have to match your other items in the room.  You can also do these backsplashes on your own and you can even use renewable and recycled items like glass from bottles or floor tiles.  Make it as colorful as you want, or even create a pattern.

– Accent Pillows Add Color To Your Kitchen:  Just like with the accent wall kitchen decorating ideas, pillows allow you to bring color into a room, but not spend a lot of money or time in doing so.  Pick a color or a few different colors and add a colorful approach to a sitting room off of the kitchen, a breakfast nook in the kitchen or even a bench in the mudroom.

– Small Colored Appliances Add Color To Your Kitchen: Another great option to consider is to purchase smaller appliances such as a toaster, a small counter oven, or even a coffee maker to add color to your kitchen. I just actually recently purchased a burnt orange Keurig coffee maker online. Its just a really easy and inexpensive way to add some color!

– Kitchen Carpet to Add Color To Your Kitchen: Another very easy, quick and inexpensive option to add color to your kitchen. Purchase floor mats and place these on your floors to add color. You can either choose the more decorative option or you can make it a little more functional by purchasing comfort mats – these add color to your kitchen, but they also keep your feet, knees, and back feeling comfortable while you’re in the kitchen!

Summary Of Products Used In This Blog:

Hire A Painter


Stick On Murals

Accent Pillows

Coffee Makers and Small Appliances

Floor Mat

Comfort Mat

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