The Best Kitchen Islands

Because the kitchen is such a popular place to be, adding a kitchen island to your space is very beneficial. Not only is it a great way to add more seating or surface to your kitchen, but because there are so many different kitchen island options available; you can find the one you really love. Don’t think that JUST because you have a small kitchen, you can’t have a kitchen island. You can, you just might have to go about it a different way. Below we will be talking about the kinds of kitchen islands, as well as some of the best kitchen islands available on Amazon.

Types of Kitchen Islands Available

These are considered to be the most commonly used kitchen islands.

L -Shaped: If you have a pretty big kitchen but a lot of empty space, this might be a good option for you. These tend to be quite large which means you will be adding on a lot of extra surface space, but also extra seating as well. This might be a good option for people that either entertain a lot and need the extra space for people, or people that cook a lot and need the extra space for food and prepping.

U-Shaped: These are considered the most expansive option. Even larger and spacious than the L-shaped kitchen island, this one has more than enough space for whatever you need space for. From storage space for extra pots and pans, to more pantry space, a place to put your appliances after you use them so they aren’t sitting on the counters and more.

Galley Island: These are going to be longer in design and slimmer in width. Just like with a galley kitchen, they are designed for people that have length in their space, but not width. You could essentially sit anywhere from 4-8 people at your galley island, depending on how long it is and if you can use both sides of the island.

Half Moon Island: Some people say that the full moon aka full circle kitchen islands are common, but Ill tell you, they really aren’t. You don’t see these in many homes, and for good reason. First off you would need a lot of space to put a full circle. Second off, they are hard to maintain and clean. Imagine if you will, a large circle, you can easily clean the edges and the immediate edges, but it would be pretty difficult to reach the “inner” part of the circle. Seems like more of a pain than an asset to me.

Rolling Islands: These are the ones I was talking about for smaller kitchens. Not only smaller kitchens but anyone can use these if you find a design you really love. These are super versatile and easy to move around. For example, if you have a smaller kitchen but always wanted a kitchen island, you could find one in stainless steel with wheels on it. The lower part can be enclosed in with doors so you can hide stuff away, but when you want to move it, you can. You can also use these for multiple uses; move it out of the kitchen as an island and roll it out into the living room with your coffee cups, coffee dispenser, sugar, cream, etc.

The Best Kitchen Islands

Upon doing tons of research, I found some really great, quality made and well-reviewed kitchen islands that I think you are really going to like a lot. By the way, if you can’t find a kitchen island you really like, you can always do another thing; find a book shelf you like. YES a bookshelf! If you buy the right design you can actually use these as a kitchen island. If you think the top is not a good material you can purchase wood or another material and add this to the top using anchors and screws.

Large Rolling Kitchen Island by Rite More

This is a kitchen island made from wood, but it also has rolling wheels on the bottom of it which allows you to not only roll it around the kitchen where you need it, but anywhere else too. The bottom foundation of this island is white wood, with 1 closed cabinet, 2 drawers and 3 shelves. The top most part of the island is made from butcher block. If you really love this island, but you don’t really dig the white wood – which tends to be more traditional, you can also paint it! One of the reviewers for this island said that the reason they love it so much is because it fits their kitchen – not too big and not too small, and yet it offers a functional alternative to a standing kitchen island. If you want to check this island out you can do so here: RiteMore Island











Maple Top Work Table By John Boos

This one is significantly different than the one above. Instead of featuring an all wood design, this one has a maple top and the legs are made from galvanized steel. Its incredibly simple, but its also very sturdy in its design. This one comes in 5 different size options depending on how big your kitchen is; 36×24, 36×30, 36×36, 48×24 and 48×36. The top part of this table, the maple, is 1 ½ inches thick and it also has been finished with a penetrating oil which means you have a sort of guard between the wood and your food. This keeps the top looking new, especially good if you plan on cooking with vegetables that seep out colors from the natural pigments in the foods, like beets, carrots or blueberries. The entire table weighs about 72lbs so as I said it is very sturdy! One of the people that purchased this online had said that the best thing they liked about this was the fact that the legs are height adjustable.












Solid Wood Rolling Cart With Wheels by Home Styles

Okay this one is really neat. Not only does it come in different wood colors such as black, cherry, natural, oak and white, but you can get Different tops for it too such as black granite, gray granite, natural wood top, and stainless steel. These options are dual which means you don’t have to choose what they tell you to. You can pick, for instance, a painted black wood foundation with a stainless steel top or a white foundation in wood with a gray top or a black top. This is also pretty spacious. It has two towel racks on either side of the cart, it as four main utility drawers and 2 cabinets with adjustable shelves. The hardwood is made from solid wood – none of that particle board stuff here! A lot of the people that have reviewed this piece say that they love the construction of it. Its not cheap looking or made by any means. Its genuinely a hardwood material and even the granite counters are made from, you guessed it, genuine granite.













Home Styles Kitchen Island

Personally I really like this one. The ones above, are nice. But, this one is really nice! This is a pretty large and non-rolling island. It comes in both black or white. It has ample storage – one side features one drawer, and 2 cabinets – which are the entire width of the island. On both sides you have open but recessed shelves, 3 on each side. If the top part of it isn’t big enough, it also has an extender to make it even bigger with a drop leaf. People say that out of all the things they like about this island, they like the drop leaf option to make it bigger for when company comes over.















If you have a hard time finding “kitchen islands” on sites like Amazon, consider just looking for islands without the word kitchen. For some reason some people don’t include the word kitchen in their description! I noticed that the rolling and smaller carts could be found by searching for kitchen islands, while the bigger stand alone islands, like the last one above, could be found by looking for islands.

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